Moray Gallery

Barry Clarke

Jewellery I would say covers most of my creative needs, colour, shape ,texture and love of materials, gold, silver and stone.

Place is important and after years at sea places such St Ives and Kakanui have fulfilled my needs there and continue to inspire me to this day.


Ring $785.00 Brooch $650.00 Ring $820.00 Earrings $235.00 Brooch $670.00 Ring Set $585.00 Earrings $300.00 Ring $500.00 Earrings $650.00 Earrings $270.00 Ring $770.00 Ring $770.00 Ring $770.00 Ring $585.00 Ring $585.00 Ship Brooch $150.00 Ring $785.00 Brooch $160.00