Moray Gallery

Phillipa Gee

Phillipa was attracted to jewellery as a child and would delight in her mother's (and Grandmother/Aunties etc.) jewellery boxes.  Her early forays into jewellery making were not met with the enthusiasm she had hoped for (cheap plastic beads strung on cotton thread), however not to be daunted by this initial reaction she continues to this day.

Phillipa loves the making process and is thrilled that she has a profession where she gets to play and experiment.  She enjoys trying out the many techniques and materials that can be made into jewellery, and likes to incorporate colour, pattern and texture in her work.

She loves jewellery because it is small and precious, and enjoys that many people form an emotional attachment to the pieces.

Completing a BA in Fine Art majoring in Contemporary jewellery at RMIT in Melbourne at the beginning of her career, Phillipa returned to study a few years ago to complete a Diploma in Applied Art at Whitireia.

Phillipa was the owner of QUOIL Gallery in Wellington for 12 wonderful years and now she is excited to be a fulltime jeweller again.

Current obsession: enamelling.


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