Moray Gallery

Lisa West

Born 1967, Tauranga, New Zealand.

Diploma in applied Arts, Northland Polytechnic and Hungry Creek Art and Craft School 1991.

I've been working as a full-time jeweller and flameworked bead maker since 1993, and have exhibited nationally and internationally in a number of solo and group shows.

My influences are wide and varied, from flora and fauna, to history and historical artifacts. For inspiration I like to travel, and spend time in my garden.

I work in a wide variety of materials; silver, bronze, glass, shell, acrylic, and stone.


Brooch $420.00 Earrings $270.00 Brooch $765.00 Pendant $215.00 Brooch $225.00 Earrings $175.00 Earrings $175.00 Pendant $215.00 Brooch $920.00 Brooch $585.00 Brooch $835.00 Pendant $395.00 Brooch $225.00 Pendant $420.00 Earrings $175.00 Brooch $225.00 Brooch $225.00 Earrings $225.00 Brooch $225.00