Moray Gallery

Kate Alterio

Kate Alterio is a Wellington based multidisciplinary artist who works in: contemporary jewellery, painting, photography and 3d sculptural works. Her work often explores diversity, the tension between opposites, human connectedness, physical, metaphysical and spiritual themes. 

Hum of the Universe was inspired by forms and principals associated with Platonic Solids, Sacred Geometry and the Golden Mean.

Wherever we look, we find these geometrical forms and mathematical representations, from the farthest reaches of the universe to the single cell within the body, the microcosm reflected in the macrocosm. 



Earstuds $260.00 Earrings $335.00 Necklace $1170.00 Earrings $270.00 Ring $335.00 Ring $300.00 Necklace $575.00 Earrings $230.00 Earrings $200.00 Earrings $230.00 Earrings $300.00