Moray Gallery

War and other paintings

2-28 April 2016

Paintings by John Z Robinson

An early memory is accompanying my father to the blacksmith’s. The glowing furnace, the  bellows, the bright pink iron being forged into shape and then being nailed onto the upturned hooves.  Distinctive noises, colours, shadows and smells, nervous horses and brawny men in leather aprons. The master black smith was called Bunny and he had been at Gallipoli. The word Gallipoli must have meant as much to me, a four year old, as say, Cambridge, where my grandparents lived.

The April Drawings are my last “words” on Gallipoli.  I have a new subject now.  We have included in this re hang some much older work that deals with the attempted invasion of Turkey and the futility of war.  The Four Seasons which was produced in the mid ‘90’s, and only exhibited once, seems to sit happily in the set.