Moray Gallery

Sarah Freiburger: Duo

2-30 September 2022

On show are two bodies of work – soft, light watercolour paintings and stronger, darker acrylic paintings. This exhibition is a snapshot of what I currently love doing in my creative time. Even though the styles require different approaches, they provide insights into one another. My works aim to evoke emotions, to linger and to pause for a moment in our hectic, stressful lives.

I have been exploring negative space in my watercolour works. These pieces are all about the mood the background creates. The foreground is kept sparse and delicate. I made the background with many layers and glazes of colour mixes that I pour on. This process is a lot of fun and quite freeing.

I love forests and my favourite spot in Dunedin is a short passage along the Racemans Track at Silver Stream. I started painting a small study but then went bigger for more emotional impact.

LINK to the ODT review of Duo by James Dignan.