Moray Gallery

Robert P. West: The Curates Egg

7-31 January 2020

“A work of art is not just about something; it is something” 1

“The is-ness of art, its being, is vital.  What it is about may be interesting and absorbing, may be topical, may be urgent, but over time what comes back to us, sustains us, is none of that.  Art, and that includes writing, is not an end in itself; it is a medium for the soul.

You need not believe in the gods to believe in your own soul.  It is that part of you that feels not obliged to materiality.  I do not know if the soul survives physical death – and I do not care – but I know that to lose your soul while you are alive is worse than death.

I want to protect my soul" 2


I don’t get so much time to make art, as daily life gets in the way.  I enjoyed making these pictures, and they are a collection of what I have made in the past two years. 

The exhibition takes its title The Curate’s Egg from the most recent work in the show.  I hope you enjoy them all, and that it’s not just partially good or good in parts.


[1] Susan Sontag – Against Interpretation and other essays
[2] Jeanette Winterson – A bed.  A book. A mountain

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