Moray Gallery

Robert P. West / Perfect Weather to Fly

2-22 March 2019

New paintings by Robert P. West

So in looking to stray from the line
We decided instead we should pull out the thread
That was stitching us into this tapestry vile
And why wouldn't you try? Perfect weather to fly*

Perfect weather to fly is taken from the Elbow song Weather to Fly. Several of the other titles in this exhibition are also taken from the band’s songs, which have been described as “a few lines of choice poetry set to random chords and off-kilter rhythms that have been quietly tossed together in a morning-after-the-alcoholic-night-before fug of coffee and cigarettes”**

I hope that these paintings have something of this about them. 

As always, they have been fun to make. They make me smile, and I hope they make you smile too.

*Potter, Garvey, Potter, Potter, Turner, Jupp

** Tony Fletcher salon 2017

Link to ODT art seen review: LINK