Moray Gallery

Riders of the Storm

6-30 July 2015

paintings by James Bellaney

The work I have made this year comes from my internal dialogue and my relationship with the medium.  I set forth without any preliminary idea of a solid outcome. Using chance in every mark I happily invoke mistakes, a process which I repeat, until I get an effect that resonates with me. Using chance I feel I am closer with nature. The exhibition title Riders of The Storm, inspired by The Doors, is a metaphor for the times in which I felt as though I was riding through dark periods when listening to the song. The title also conveys part of the creative process which encompasses chance and thus seemed appropriate. Through this chaotic process, meaning is open for interpretation according to one’s personal journey, allowing the viewer to connect with each artwork in their own unique way.  

Otago Daily Times - Art seen: July 16 2015 - James Dignan - Link to Review