Moray Gallery

Recent Landscapes from Central Otago

4 February - 2 March 2017

Paintings by Nigel Wilson

I have a pragmatic approach to painting: I paint what I see in the landscape intuitively and with vigour, trying to evoke expressive feelings.

 I am not much of a plein air painter. I prefer working in my studio to outdoors. I like the studio processes of applying successive paint layers, using techniques to evoke expression and mood. I work on series mainly, a group of paintings at a time, some paintings being quicker to construct than others still being brought to life.

The language of paint is colour. It is what I am most conscious of when I’m working. The arrangement of colour is the building tool to create form. I try to paint openly, without constraint, because painting can often get bogged down and too predictable if you don’t watch out. When you are fully in trust of your instincts, this is when the best results occur, and when painting is at its best.