Moray Gallery

Peter Belton: Arrested Moments

6-26 March 2021

The drawn and painted images in this exhibition are developed from sketchbook pages made on site during excursions into hills and mountains, along coastlines and into steep places.

This artist’s approach has a phenomenological slant insofar as it reports on sensations, on experienced moments.  It privileges the poetry of feeling arising from ‘being there’.

Peter Belton is a graduate from the Canterbury University School of Fine Arts and has a Master of Fine Arts from RMIT University, Melbourne. He has been a secondary school teacher in Horowhenua and Nelson; a College of Education Senior Lecturer (Dunedin and Otago) and has taught drawing, painting and art history & theory at the Southern Institute of Technology, Invercargill.


The blindness of Foveaux Strait where the sky runs away to fall off the end of the world.
Like pulling a cloth from a table to throw and so to scatter the things we thought to be
immutable which were to be found in one moment, now sucked away in the next.
The drama to be discovered in the switching of light and the fear of losing sight.
The weight of rain and the cut of cold emptying into another night.

Peter Belton (2019)

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