Moray Gallery

Rachel Hirabayashi / Orogeny - mountain building

1-30 September 2018

Orogeny is part of the 2018 Arts Festival Dunedin programme.

This exhibition is dominated by two of Hirabayashi's ongoing series, High Country Lakes, and her geological series. These usually show either volcanic or faultline structures below. The mountains of Fiordland and the Otago coastline inspire Hirabayashi's love of place and their geological makeup. Light washes the high peaks and Hirabayashi's interest in geology produces the mountain building process. The structure of the mountain and valley is revealed with the lit surface or by the carved substance of Hirabayashi’s imagined world. 

An orogeny is an event that leads to a large structural deformation of the Earth's lithosphere (crust and uppermost mantle) due to the interaction between plate tectonics.
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