Moray Gallery

Kate Williamson - Origin

2-27 June 2018

Origin: a visual journey to the source

Paint behaves in a similar way to water. It glides across the canvas. It pools, splatters and runs. This kinetic connection reveals to me the true nature of the source. It is the act of paring something back to its most basic elements in order to reveal more...

I invite you to look closer. There - beyond the detail - you will possibly glimpse a flicker: the life beneath the painted surface.

Artist's Quote:

“Paint for me is a living entity, flowing, fluid, fleeting and fragile. I want the paint to breathe the life-energy of nature onto the canvas. I also strive to create truly one off original art works which are only finished once my eye wants to explore the surface."

ODT Art Seen 7/6/2018: LINK