Moray Gallery

James Kerr: Plein Dunedin

7 March - 22 May 2020

Take a step outside, nowhere to hide. Unsure what to expect, and there its value is met.

There's a secret spot through paddock and tree, and the ocean awaits glistening through a frame with which to see. 

No one to show you the way, only those long last instincts to keep you going astray.

With paintbrush in hand, scan over the land, use your feet one by one, to catch some light cast by the sun.  

There're some spots in mind, and today the sun's out and being kind, see there over yonder, let’s put some Hendrix on to make us feel stronger.

Knowledge of the powerful surf and adventure is there, accompanied by a moment by the sea in Dunedin, a moment in eternity.

Then there’s ornamental streets where tidy driveways meet. Castles lay their roots, and greenery plants its shoots. The greenbelt casts its cover as the locals mother, they wander into town, meaning squanders away a frown.

Pass over the cyan blue, or magenta, in fact any hue. In the moment it won’t matter, gone will be any chatter. In Dunedin where the outside lies, and where I play I spies.