Moray Gallery

History Repeats

3-27 August 2015

Photographic Constructs by Jenny Longstaff

The images in this exhibition traverse the past five years of the artist’s digital explorations – a personal history of recurring themes and locations revisited. By combining her art, photography and design skills, motifs have been taken from camera to computer and rearranged creatively, imposing a designed aesthetic utilising repetition, reflection, symmetry and distortion.


They reveal an ongoing interest in the pattern potential of her surroundings, whether in natural history or an urban built heritage, and allude to past cultures and art forms where the decorative was integrated with the functional. None of the images venture far from their reference to nature; even when the original source is man-made and mass-produced the resulting effect is very organic.


The patterns of the universe run through everything, macro and micro, as it was and ever will be – interwoven actions and reactions, cycles of decline and regeneration. These artistic investigations impose order out of underlying chaos, recognising the beautiful within those connections.