Moray Gallery

Green Fusion

3-27 July 2017

Kate Williamson - The Real World Series

An exploration of the 'Real World'.

Waipori Falls reserve (where I now live) is a tiny landlocked island, a biogenic matrix marooned, a gorge full of intricate wildlife. Within the reserve are living communities: trees, birds, ferns, fungi carpeted soft rich soil - biota. There is Birdsong, rustling leaves, and the sweet smell of fresh water. It is a bubble of dynamic life, a little lost realm of a once ancient larger New Zealand forest with the intricacies of real life all but gone. Part of a larger devastation of our world by our industrialized species who has lost the plot - and paradise entirely.

I paint the living energy of what is real in a "human-centric" world of a "make believe" culture with human supremacists turning a once democratic technic into an authoritarian technic, enslaving the whole planet and us to this perverted, uncompromising mechanical monster.

The body of Gaia whose matrix is our only home is under threat of total collapse. These works are my little voice in the void for and with Gaia, this precious living marble in the vast vacuum of space.

Nature is the artist. I am a humble cave painter trying to capture her unrivalled splendour on canvas.