Moray Gallery

Fiona Goulding: A Different Perspective

3-23 August 2019

‘Change your thoughts and you change your world.’

Norman Vincent Peale

The relationship between humans and animals is one that has fascinated and also appalled me since I was a child.  I grew up, like many children, being introduced to animals as appealing creatures to be appreciated and would often visit farm parks to spend time with the young calves, fluffy bunnies, colourful birds and cute lambs.

I was five when I discovered a paradox. On the one hand we kept pets and viewed animals, particularly the young and innocent, as beings to be loved and respected. On the other we killed them, condoning the slaughter of young animals often only a day old.

At five I was devastated.  Decades later it is still hard to understand this contradiction and seeming lack of compassion for animals’ right and desire to live, and to do so in their natural environment.

A Different Perspective explores the relationships we have with animals and touches on this incongruity.  Some paintings simply admire the beauty found in nature and the intricacies within; while others focus on the impact we have on animal’s lives by introducing predators and removing natural habitats. Several paintings consider the relationships animals have with each other and us, the joy they give us and our choice to kill them in return.

This exhibition aims to evoke thought and compassion for those we share this planet with, yet control through the power of our choices.  While it may seem at times an insurmountable problem, the ability to end animal suffering is within our grasp.  In the words of Norman Vincent Peale:

‘Change your thoughts and you change your world.’