Moray Gallery


30 June - 25 July 2018

New work by Oamaru artists Alison Bevers and Kit Macgregor

Alison Bevers

These five paintings all start with a grid structure with a repeated motif of varying circles built up in the squares. I have then explored colour, texture and patina to try to produce an interesting surface and a balanced, harmonious image. To me they are reminiscent of my early childhood memories of geometric wallpaper of the sixties. 

Kit Mcgregor

I've always been interested in contrasts in the landscape that occur at dawn and dusk. Light and shadow, warm and cold.

This accentuates the form of the land and its sculpture is apparent. In this case the country west of the Kilmog and Oamaru at daybreak.

I'm more interested in the overall design (motif) of what I'm looking at than individual elements within it.

Some of these images are less resolved and bolder, others demand more description. I’m quite happy with both.

ODT Art Seen 5/7/2018:  LINK