Moray Gallery

Colours of Silence - Waitati Revisited

4-30 March 2017

Paintings by Angela Burns



This collection of works was inspired by Doctors Point beach, Waitati and in particular the Caves or “Arches”, as they have become to be known.

These cave-like formations connect on to another beach, Canoe Beach and beyond, towards Mapoutahi Head the site of an historic Pa.

These strong sculptural, triangular shapes have inspired my work for some time.  The other end of the beach, where the clam barges are moored, seems calmer, the deep green/blue waters offering a place of reflection and silence.

This beach has become a favourite place for dog walking and inspiration in all seasons of the year.

The changes of light, colour and textures of the rock, sand and sea, bound with memory, from the basis of these works.