Moray Gallery

Anton Lambaart: Fragile

4-24 March 2023

This exhibition, is a call to consider the fine and delicate balance, now required for our survival on a planet we continue to ravage.

The philosophical position, supported by theological treatise, that ‘we are in the world but not of it,’ has contributed to an arrogant belief that we, as superior beings, are above all things - land, sea, air, fauna and flora.

This exhibition consists of two perspectives, ‘The three Icons of fragility’ and ‘The future at the edge of the sea’.

The three Icons of fragility are designed to be super beautiful reflections of our self obsessed, nature; focused on ignoring - at our peril - the destruction of all fragile creatures.

The future at the edge of the sea, depicts barren beaches, where poison waters and dead lands meet. The young men are now the fragile ones, exposed and vulnerable.

LINK to the ODT review of Fragile by James Dignan.