Moray Gallery

Annie Nevin and John Z Robinson: A 60 - 70 Vision

6-26 May 2023

A celebratory exhibition of new paintings and prints by Annie Nevin and John Z Robinson.


This series of figurative paintings commenced with my interest in imagery, medieval misericords and my family links to the Lincoln Imp, a grotesque little mischievous gargoyle found hiding in Lincoln Cathedral. Sent by Satan to cause havoc, only to be turned into stone by an angel. Now a symbol of the Cathedral city, the Imp can also be found in South Dunedin if you know where to look. 

I like to paint figures because their presence in the painting will change the outcome. All the images portrayed are derived from both real and imagined global characters with associated stories and messages.  Art has an ability to hold memory, beliefs, and elicit rituals of understanding, so I like the idea that some figures could be recognized by someone from the present day or the 13th Century. The associated meaning or narrative may or may not have evolved over time, however in choosing my subjects a contemporary theme emerged – Environmental issues and the need for a moral compass.

Annie Nevin


My contribution to A 60 -70 Vision is recent paintings and inkjet prints. 

I paint and draw from life each week. The nude male and florals are my primary subjects. They both interest me and allow for a wide range of emotional expression.

When I first left Art School, I worked mainly with red paint. A diptych from those days, was recently returned to me, a fanciful thing featuring a couple of saints.  However, the effect of the colour was revelatory, it "produced vibrations". Dear old cadmium red, I had forgotten how warm and serious, engaging and celebratory you could be.

John Z Robinson

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