Moray Gallery

Anne Baldock / Look Out: Look Down

4-24 May 2019

An exhibition of two contrasting directions.

Looking out towards distant misty landscapes around the Otago Harbour and further afield, compared to the elevated viewpoints of looking down on intimate domestic scenes.

The landscapes are of familiar places that hold special meaning to me, often painted from memory or directly from gazing out my window across the harbour. Painted loosely using broad brushes and rollers, they are a personal interpretation that sit somewhere between reality and imagination. The works are a snapshot of how the continuously changing light that bathes the land and water throughout the year, affects the mood of each place.

In contrast to the distant vistas my subject matter moves to the interior of the home where more detailed domestic scenarios are played out from an elevated viewpoint, like a fly sitting on the ceiling watching life unfold. I have always had a fascination with how things appear when viewed from a height, maybe stemming from being vertically challenged myself. Many of the works utilise the natural warmth and beauty of hand-cut bamboo plywood forming the surrounding walls and perimeter furniture of each room, adding another dimension. They are a humorous take on everyday anxiety-inducing situations that are relatable in most homes. Animals often feature in the works as I believe a pet makes a home complete. They are a tribute to my trusty dog Ernie, who was ever present at my side while painting for this exhibition - he can be relied upon to buoy the spirit by keeping any opinions close to his chest.