Moray Gallery

Angela Burns: Road to Rocklands

2-26 June 2020

A new series of works which focus on elements of the Otago landscape towards the Lammerlaws, Lammermoor ranges and the Rock and Pillar.

This rugged, stark landscape inspired these paintings which aim to convey something of the mystery, the light, shadows and silence of distant horizons and rolling hills.


Nature’s Theatre

Hills meet sky

Clouds drift

And kiss


Through valleys

That hide

In mist

That lifts

Then close in again

Like boiling milk spilling over

In rolling foam

The sun now hidden

Behind cumuli’s candyfloss clouds

That move

In waltz like dance

Casting eerie shadows as they move with speed across the land

and snow grass ripples and bows to the wind

As a curtain of darkness falls at days end

Then another performance of light and life begins


Ivan R Brenssell