Moray Gallery

Rodney Hamel

I began painting when I was a student, water colour was my main interest until in the 1990s I was persuaded and taught how to paint in oils by a very competent painter who also lived in the Waikato.  My work was bought from about 1998 onwards and there must be about 40 or 50 paintings there where I still sell.  They are all (with I think two exceptions) portraits and landscapes, each new attempt I make draws to my attention how short a distance I have travelled. 

I have also spent a long while in the world of Art History and that might have influenced the way I paint somewhat.


Karitane $2000.00 Near Taieri Mouth on the Otakia Road $1600.00 Bush Remnants $1600.00 Blackhead $1600.00 The Land Use in the Taieri Gorge $1200.00 Arrow River $1600.00 Green Island 2021 $1600.00 Aramoana $1600.00 Tunnel Beach III $1600.00 Purakaunui Inlet $2200.00 Taieri Mouth $1400.00 Blackhead Road $1600.00 Harbour Cone 2021 $1400.00 Otago Peninsula from Ravensbourne $1400.00 Smaills Beach, Dunedin $1200.00 Brighton #2 $1200.00 Mt Cargill #4. $1100.00 Mt Cargill #1 $1100.00 Mt Cargill $1100.00