Moray Gallery

Robert P West

Robert attended Leeds Polytechnic School of Art in West Yorkshire UK, and obtained a Masters of Fine Art (Printmaking) from Camberwell College of Art and Design in London.  He moved to New Zealand in 1996, and since this time he has exhibited his paintings, prints, and multi-media work regularly across the country.

Finalist Wallace Art Awards 2012

Finalist Parkin Drawing Prize 2017

Finalist Parkin Drawing Prize 2018

The focus of his practice in recent years has related to communication and pathways/connectors between starting and ending points, and the need for humans to classify and categorise to understand and be comfortable in the world.

Often the work references and utilises childhood games and/or humour, as a framework to explore these themes.


The Empty Core $1100.00 Houses at the Rose Lake at Night $1400.00 On the Surface $780.00 Town with an evil heart $750.00 Be my friend $750.00 Bright star dark $950.00 The town that forgot why it existed $850.00 Under My Mondrian Sky $1200.00 I saw the song of the sun $1200.00 The Emperor $495.00 Map of Monday $520.00 Picnic at Little Park Owls $3000.00 Three foxglove summers ago, you came $3000.00 Perfect Weather to Fly $790.00 Circuit I $1200.00 Red Sea Port $980.00