Moray Gallery

Rachel Hirabayashi

Rachel is based in Cromwell, Central Otago, living in a 110-year-old cottage with her dogs and a large garden.  She is a full-time artist painting in acrylics and making sculptures out of metal.  Living for some time in Japan and Mexico, has strongly influenced her creative output, as does living in this unique, ancient environment of ours.  The surfaces of her paintings are built up over time, light glazes of colour alternating with opaque layers of paint.  

Rachel has a degree in Art History/Theory from the University of Otago.


A Spirited Moment $3400.00 The Moment Becalmed $3400.00 A Moment in Time $2800.00 The Quiet Moment $900.00 Home Series, Shepherd and his Horse $545.00 The Apology $420.00 Watercolour Study 1. $330.00 Watercolour Study 4 $330.00 Central Cottage $330.00 Central Cottage II $330.00 Lake Scene $330.00 The Red Barn $330.00 Mountain Scene $330.00 Earth Form II $330.00 Home Time $330.00 Towards the Hills $330.00 Central Landscape I $330.00 Central Landscape II $330.00 Central Landscape IV $330.00 A Long Day Ends $330.00 A Still and Quiet Day $330.00 Central Otago Landscape with Trees $330.00 Central Otago Landscape (Spring Colours) $330.00 Central Otago Landscape with Dogs $330.00 Dusk $330.00 Central Springtime $330.00 Open Plains $330.00 Central Otago Hills $330.00 Home Time $330.00 Central landscape with cottage and dog $330.00