Moray Gallery

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson, born, raised and educated in Southland, New Zealand.

I was introduced to clay at high school, and have made pots, attended and tutored many workshops, and built kilns throughout New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and Sweden.

I dig and process local clays for all my work and my current focus is on 'raku' style firing of seals and sea lions, in a gas kiln to around 900 - 950 degrees centigrade. Pieces are removed with tongs at top temperature, partly covered in combustible materials, and, when cooled, waxed and polished.

Surfing is another lifelong passion. Currently living in Karitane, north of Dunedin, I get to see, and occasionally meet, a few of those lovely sea creatures.


Seal with Pup $140.00 Bowl $50.00 Seal $92.00 ceramic pot $44.00 Ceramic pot $28.00 Teapot $100.00