Moray Gallery

Heather Dunckley

Heather was raised and educated in Dunedin and Wellington. For many years she was a teacher of science and Outdoor education. In 2002 she embarked on a career in the arts and became fascinated by printmaking. During her studies she explored many printmaking techiques but most of her recent works are woodcuts which she likes for their expressive and impressionistic qualities. She has a distinctive free and expressive cutting style and her woodcuts are built up of many layers, applied in meticulous fashion. She also prouduces finely detailed and exocuted etchings and mezzotints.

Heather has a deep love of the enviroment and is passionate about the need to preserve New Zealand's natural enviroment and culture.


Through the looking glass $150.00 Morris Truck - Forbury Road $425.00 Towards Mt Cargill $275.00 DUD - Dunedin $160.00 Second Beach $275.00 Wind Sculptured $395.00 Sure to Rise $150.00 Bull Kelp II $90.00 Villa $70.00 Sea Treasurers $150.00 West Coast Delights $150.00 Fantail on Flax $150.00 Tui II $150.00 West Coast Kereru $180.00 Kotuku $150.00 Virgin Forest $200.00 Black Rocks $95.00 Kowhai $139.00 Kowhai - New Zealand $159.00 Tiki $150.00 Maori Art - Royal Doulton $199.00 Fantail & Clematis $95.00 Fantail & Koru $95.00 Tui & Kowhai $160.00 Fern Detail $350.00 Otago Harbour $355.00 Fantail & Clematis II $110.00 Fantail $200.00 Mary $150.00 Stone Waka - St. Clair $200.00 The Bell - St. Clair $200.00 The Piles - St. Clair $200.00 Home Sweet Home $522.00 Two Old Timers $395.00 Two Classics $395.00 New Zealand Rifleman $225.00 Backyard Blues $250.00 Cows $90.00 Bull Kelp $90.00 Peninsula Tress $160.00 Late Afternoon, St Clair $350.00