Moray Gallery

Gary Tricker

Gary Tricker is known for his witty, whimsical, if not surreal images expressed through the etching print medium. His father worked for New Zealand Railways and for Gary his childhood was spent in a house where steam engines were part of everyday life. These images and sensations are found again and again in his etchings, which incorporate the glory of steam and evoke a method of transport for which we all hold a certain nostalgia.

In conjunction with his fascination for the feline species we have a combination, in his etchings, of the feline image together with his fascination for steam and railways, which are irresistible.

Of himself he states 'Printmaking is my visual lifeline that gives its magnificence' much of himself is found in his works.

Twice the recipient of Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council award he has, since 1976 been a full-time printmaker.


Aficionado $210.00 Blue Symphony $140.00 City Cats $245.00 Cat $210.00 Still Life $210.00 Rochdale Theatre $315.00 Hillside Railway $210.00 Silver Express $348.00 Mantle Thoughts $525.00 Fiordland $300.00 The Catch $260.00 Home on Wheels $210.00 Untrained Cat $385.00 Tinklebell $455.00 Pas de deux $350.00 Hihitahi Hillside II $245.00 Whistleblower $315.00 Landscape View $210.00 Pilot Light $245.00 A Wink at the Sphinx $140.00 Catman $175.00 Capital Gain $175.00 Pinnacle Rock, Mataikona $245.00 Petone Industries, 1978 $350.00 Coastal Hillside, 2013 $350.00 Grounded, 1997 $140.00 Red Clock, 1988 $420.00 Silver Birch and Larch Trees II, 2010 $350.00 Stop, Look, Listen $350.00 The Red Chair $260.00 Fiordland $244.00 Fiordland $260.00 Fiordland II $383.00 Kakahi-Makatea, Wairarapa $348.00 Rimutaka Hill Road $420.00 Rimutaka Range $385.00 ACE $262.00 House & Three Chimneys $314.00 Main Street $420.00 Checkmates $210.00 Arawata Bill $280.00 Arawata Bill; His Horse (Alan) $280.00 Arawata Bill; The Scene $280.00 Morning Forest $1135.00 Coastal Seascape $1135.00 Pauatahanui Inlet $1135.00 Fiordland $960.00 Southern Kapiti $1135.00 Coastal Scape $1135.00 Evening Mist $1050.00 Seascape $1135.00 Tararua Evening $1135.00 Silver Birch and Larch Trees $350.00 Toko $522.00 I un ou l'autre $210.00 ACE 2020 $261.00