Moray Gallery

Angela Burns

I have been painting now for over forty years, having graduated from the Otago Polytechnic School of Art in the 1970s. After Art School I attended Teachers College in Christchurch and then taught as a relief art teacher at The Taieri High School. I then worked as a graphic artist for three years at DNTV One. After that I worked as curator of collections at the Otago Settlers Museum where I remained for 18 years.

My work is inspired by the land and seascape and it is more the spirit of the place, time and memory that I try to capture rather than the precision of an actual image. The coastline has always mesmerised me, along with the power of climatic changes, light, colour and texture.


Pond $1200.00 After the Rain $800.00 Garden Lights $1600.00 Towards Rocklands $1200.00 Rocklands and the Lammerlaws $1600.00 Distance $1400.00 Reflection on a garden $800.00 Garden Pathway $1200.00 Towards the Lammerlaws $1600.00