Moray Gallery

Robert P West


Be my friend $750.00 A quiet town that forgot its own name $850.00 Figure Study II $610.00 Bright star dark $950.00 Cosmos $860.00 Contemporary morals in a cinematic age $800.00 The town that forgot why it existed $850.00 On the shores of Platitude Lake $1200.00 Under My Mondrian Sky $1200.00 I saw the song of the sun $1200.00 On the Edge of a Town $520.00 Stars Above an Evil House $520.00 Lost in Space $655.00 Vulcan Proverbs (Live Long & Prosper) $520.00 Harbour $520.00 The Acrobat $520.00 The Emperor $495.00 A Northern Winter $820.00 Map of Monday $520.00 Pandora $690.00 Town with an evil heart $750.00 Picnic at Little Park Owls $3000.00 Exit here $750.00 A good day out $750.00 Three foxglove summers ago, you came $3000.00 Veneer $950.00