Moray Gallery

Jo Ogier

My work is concerned with issues of conservation, ecology and the role each of us can have in nurturing, protecting and preserving our fragile world.

It seeks to promote public awareness of the unique and awe inspiring beauty of the landscape, the many endemic species of flora and fauna, plus the fragility of the ecological systems within it.


Tui Souvenir Badge $350.00 Gorse $295.00 Rifleman Souvenir Badge $350.00 The Interloper II - Red Necked Wallaby $1130.00 The Huia and the Gun $1305.00 Silvereye Souvenir Badge $350.00 The Visitor - Magpie, 2014 $1130.00 No ordinary footprint - Denniston Plateau Series, 2012 $525.00 Morepork (Ruru) on Fossils $1495.00 Irreplaceable! Denniston Plateau Series, 2012 $436.00 Incy Wincy Spider, White Tailed $1130.00 The Kakapo versus the Stoat $1305.00 The Kakapo versus the Stoat $1305.00 Bindweed $295.00 Blackberry $295.00 Boneseed $295.00 Broom $295.00 Dandelion $295.00 Hawthorn $295.00 Ivy $295.00 Spanish Heath $295.00 Sweet Briar $295.00 Sycamore $295.00 Red Admiral Butterfly $209.00 Tuatara $174.00 Shining Cuckoo Souvenir Badge $350.00 Takahe Souvenir Badge $350.00 Tomtit Souvenir Badge $350.00 NZ Robin Souvenir Badge $350.00