Moray Gallery

John Z Robinson

I come from Foxton in the Manawatu. I left school at 17 to take up an apprenticeship with K M Wilson Jewellers in Palmerston North.
After completion I worked in a number of unrelated fields before starting at the Dunedin Polytech Art School in the late 1970’s, to study painting. This was a three-year course after which I moved to Kaitangata.
In the mid 1990’s, living back in Dunedin again, my interest in jewellery was re-ignited after a visit to Lure Jewellery Workshop. In 1999 I started my own workshop and painting studio in the same Stuart Street building as Lure.
I am essentially a modernist, in as much as I strive for clean and simple lines. Over-decoration and formality I try to avoid. Gold alloys and sterling silver are my metals of choice.
Casual, comfortable and well-crafted is our motto.


Ring $15500.00 Necklace $2500.00 Brooch $275.00 Brooch $450.00 Brooch $285.00 Brooch $450.00 Ring $2350.00 Ring $675.00 Ring $1800.00 Ring $425.00 Earrings $925.00 Ring $1450.00 Brooch $350.00 Brooch $225.00 Ring $710.00 Brooch $250.00 Ring $450.00 Brooch $195.00 Bangle $400.00 Brooch $175.00 Earrings $1100.00 Ring $1995.00 Ring $1495.00 Clip-on earrings $225.00 Brooch $750.00 Bangle $500.00 Ring $325.00 Ring $325.00 Ring $575.00 Cufflinks $475.00 Cufflinks $475.00 Brooch $185.00 Tie pin $675.00 Earrings $1600.00 Ring $375.00 Ring $725.00 Ring $675.00 Earrings $175.00 Brooch $285.00 Ring $1125.00 Bangle $825.00