Moray Gallery

Nancy Grice

I enjoy the privileges and challenges of living on the coasts of two beautiful countries on opposite sides of the world. As an artist and a landscape painter, this provides me with dynamic views of the places I love. In New Zealand my work is painted in my home overlooking Otago Harbour in Dunedin. In the US, my studio is on Great Island in Harpswell, Maine. Much of my painting is in a realistic landscape tradition, depicting the atmosphere, light, weather, skies and tides where the land meets the sea. Rather than just describing the view, I seek the essential elements that resonate with my desired states of mind: serenity, equilibrium, and connection with nature. My goal is to depict the fleeting moments when “normal” everyday experience becomes something more: a window into the numinous.

Sometimes these landscapes become carefully-constructed mandala-like pieces that are meant as images for use in centering and meditation. My paintings are generally painted in acrylic; the mandalas are usually mixed media incorporating pieces of paintings and gold metal leaf.

I offer my work with the hope that it will bring the viewer into a moment of awe and appreciation for the beautiful world we share.


Aqua Blue Boatshed $680.00