Moray Gallery

Emily Thomas

Emily completed a BA in Sociology at the University of Auckland in 2001. She developed an interest in costume design, where her education in social theory and history could be integrated with her artistic skills. Following eight years working as a full-time costume designer and maker at the Court Theatre in Christchurch, Emily has transitioned from adorning actors to adorning walls. 

Emily's work is precariously, but consciously, perched on the fine line between kitsch and curiosity-cabinet-cool. Reworking history with a wink.


Party Duck with Spotty Hat $168.00 Moa Diorama, Scene I, Taranaki $295.00 Moa Diorama, Scene 2, Milford. $295.00 Moa Diorama, Scene 3, Canterbury. $295.00 Party Duck with Crown $168.00 Party Duck with Mask $168.00 Gabrielle Cartouche $48.00 Butterfly Cartouche $48.00 Cameo Cartouche $34.00 NZ Map Cartouche $48.00 Kiwi Cartouche $34.00 Venus Cartouche $34.00 Preppy Duck Blue $168.00 Preppy Duck Olive $168.00 Preppy Duck Peach $168.00