Moray Gallery

Andy Frampton

After working 25+ years in commercial design and print an opportunity in 2014 presented itself to return to more traditional creative pursuits. my scenic and architectural Dunedin prints exhibit a character not unlike the classic illustrations seen in vintage railway posters. Using Graphic Design illustration software to render a contemporary take on the natural landscape and architecture of Dunedin. But don’t be fooled into thinking the computer makes this process any less involved than conventional illustration, the mouse, pen and tablet are simply technological equivalents of the traditional pen, brush and paper. The computer Vector illustration process still requires many long hours working with the composition before the completed work is ready to commit to print. I have lived and worked in Dunedin since 1990.

-Andy Frampton


Harbour from Highgate $305.00 Harbour Cone $305.00 Dunedin Railway Station $320.00 Ross Creek Tui $305.00 Hooper House, Dunedin. 2015 $305.00 Olveston $305.00 St Clair Beach $305.00 Taieri Gorge Railway $305.00 Dunedin $305.00 Taiaroa Head $305.00 Heritage Architecture, Dunedin $305.00