Moray Gallery

Marion Marquand

I had the good fortune to be brought up on a farm in North Auckland, New Zealand, where the hills and forests sustained me as the remarkable spirituality of our landscape does today. I dreamed of seeing the world, finding someone to love me and having beautiful children. I have lived that dream and spent more than 35 years overseas. Visual art was always an important part of my life. I practiced my own art when there was space and time and completed an MA in Art Education in Oxford Brookes. I taught art all over the world and gave away all the skills and knowledge I learned to students of all ages and nationalities. Now that I am enjoying the last part of my ife, I feel much peace.

Never-the-less I do feel great concern for the way the over-populated, money-driven world is going. The current economic model that the majority of the globe is pursuing is extremely selfish and destructive. Most countries, leaders, governments and institutions are only interested in profit and are oblivious to poverty and the planets destruction. Minorities, ethnic peoples, women, children and the environment are trampled in the process. Everyone knows that bigger is not better, that the western industrial model is not the ideal, that God is not male, that the earth is not an unlimited resource of raw materials or an infinite receptacle of waste, that climate change is real and that fossil fuels are causing it. No one looks back at the distant or immediate past to learn from mistakes.

I know that I cannot take on the troubles of the world or change anyone but myself, but I can send out questions to provoke others to think and change. I love words but the world is awash with words. Therefore I have put these concerns into visual form and ask provocative questions in all my works.



Time for Indigenous Peoples. $2800.00 What Art is Modern? $3500.00 Art of the Ancients $700.00