Moray Gallery

Inge Doesburg

My work often depicts weather, cloud-patterns and dominant landforms. I try to represent not only an actual place, but also the feeling that it evokes in me.
My Dunedin-based work is of landforms in my local vicinity. I have come back to them in my work again and again. These landmarks never cease to interest me on my walks around the city or the view from my windows - they continue to engage me as they change with the weather and light.
I have also travelled to remote areas in New Zealand, such as Stewart Island, Fiordland, the Chatham Islands and explored the unique flora and fauna in places such as Kapiti Island and Ulva Island. I enjoy these pristine environments and they inspire a lot of my artwork. Everyday observations of my garden, on local walks as well as natural occurrences in my environment also add to my visual vernacular.
Technically, I work predominately in drypoint, monotype, solarplate etching and
mixed media works, but also paint and use photography as my chosen media.


Red Moon, 2007 $200.00 Pears, 2002 $275.00 Cloudscape, 2013 $210.00 Tulip, 2015 $200.00 Oh lucky man $200.00 Dog $150.00 Turn Point, 2007 $200.00 Kapiti Island, 2009 $200.00 Kaka $200.00 Tree, University of Otago $230.00 Thought Bubbles, 2012 $250.00 Chathams Shadows I, 2008 $280.00 Chathams, 2008 $280.00 Chatham Islands, 2008 $280.00 Harbour Cone, 2008 $280.00 Bello $150.00 Cow $200.00 Horse $200.00 Mt Cargill, 20015 SOLD $0.00